The Best Houseplants For Beginners

There are many plants which can be perfectly suited for gardening beginners without doing lot of efforts on the management and care for that particular individual. So let’s know deeply about best houseplants for beginners. Here is the list of ten plants that can be used by the gardening beginners to decorate home interiors. These all are easy to grow and give a lavish look without any kind of tolerance. If somebody has no idea that how can he or she grow the potted houseplants than these following idea will sure help them to produce the best houseplants. This list is as following:

Rubber Plant

It is the air purifying plant with low maintenance and easy to grow according to the position of placed interiors in respective home. It can be kept in the bright position of the room for the better results and its look so fine.


It is a floor plant, grow in their native environment. Worm compost can be used as a fertilizer and it can be apply sparingly. Use a good organic soil to prevent damage from extra sun burn effects.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is most widely sold plant all over the world because it has many properties related to health and beauty. It is being used for thousands of years but still it is most loving plant. It is a beneficial plant which is very easy to grow and care. Indoors, it needs light as much possible and one thing is take care with this plant is to keep away from hot glass because it can be burn. Once a month you can water it. Don’t over fertilize and avoid feed in colder months.

Snake Plant

It is one of  the best houseplants for beginners because it is a very good air purifier and it requires very low light, can survive weeks without moisture and don’t need direct sunlight. According to the study of plants conducted by NASA prove that toxins like formaldehyde, xylene can be removed by this particular plant in our home and offices. Most of plant take CO2 and release O2 in day time but snake plant produce oxygen at night time, it is also approved by NASA. This plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue.

Christmas Cactus

This plant has graceful arching appearance with long segmented stems. It can be grown in darker side of the room because it not needs high sun light to produce perfectly. The size of this plant is approximately 8-12 inches high and 6-12 inches wide. They produce colorful, tubular flower in pink with easy care requirements. If cactus is not blooming then it may be due to the sunlight and temperature imbalance.


This plant is also known as wax plant because of its thick waxy leaves and can be found in any kitchen. It is a tropical indoor plant has lot of uses in health issues. Hoya plant needs bright spot to grow naturally without adding any kind of fertilizers. This plant does not like cold windows because it breaks down the leaves of the plant unnaturally. It gives stems of white and pink shiny leaves.

Chinese Evergreen

It is the best plant for houseplant beginners because this sturdy plant is fast and easy to grow anywhere in home. Chinese evergreen plant is suitable for human and animal consumption. Snake plant is the partner of Chinese evergreen. When it comes to water the plant is low care and it need just fine natural light to be grown perfectly. No need of any special kind of care and it looks fine even in the office with some artificial lights.

Spider Plant

For this plant if the tap water is fluoridated then rain water and distilled water can be used to prevent it from damage. If we talk about the size of this plant then it gives that it has 6-12 inches high and 6-11 inches wide. It has long stems and babies at the end of the leaves. It is one of the most easy grow houseplant in world wide. If you are houseplant challenged then spider plant is only for you because it spreads all over nearby area of pot and looks so pretty in home. They can be also maintains very well if we want to plant them in outdoors also.

Arrowhead Plant

This plant can be known from numerous names which includes Arrowhead vine. It can be grown alone and also can be used for mix planting over interest. Hanging basket is good idea for the Arrowhead plant because it will begin to vine here and there. Like another houseplant it is also quit easy to care and can be maintain regularly. To increase humidity pour water regularly and make it misty with some pebbles. This way they will live longer and stay alive in better condition.

Peace Lily Plant

This plant is easy to grow as well as it looks very beautiful too. These are evergreen tropical plant found in most of the forest area and can be used in houseplant for the better appearance of the house.

Peace Lily Plant - Housplant for beginner

This needs enough light to produce white and off-white flowers. Peace lily plants are poisonous because they contain calcium oxalate which can cause stomach and respiratory system. Always take care of this thing that it should be keep away from the children as well as pets. To plant this use all-purpose drained plotting soil. These can be grown in water also.

Ficus Plant

This looks like a tree that’s why it is commonly used in offices.  It has a property that ficus plants are finicky. It is better to know about to grow ficus plant because it spreads happiness all over in our home, it is a member of ficus genes. Regardless of their size ficus tree maintain their tree-like shape. Some of nurseries had started to take advantages of the leaves which can be produces by this tree naturally. This needs too little indoor sunlight which should be filtered and can also be put in the dark place of home.

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