5 Hacks To Keep Your Old Furniture Odorless

We all have those random pieces of vintage furniture that need love and care and we often neglect them. Are you tired of that musty smell from your old furniture that irritates you and even embarrasses you in front of your valued guests?

If your furniture is already too old and it seems impossible to fix the issues then it is recommended to buy a new one and take care of it from day one. Avail the Ashley Furniture promo code to stay within your budget and grab the best ones in reasonable price.

If still there’s a hope of a fix and the only problem is the yucky smell, then here we go with the amazing hacks that can get your old furniture back fresher than ever.

  1. Dry Sheets/Newspapers

To prevent the yucky smell and mask the odor from your old drawers and cupboards simply place the old newspapers or the dryer sheets on the surface. It prevents the furniture from sweating and absorbs the unnecessary smell that is produced due to fume production from the clothes, makeup, and other products on the shelves of the furniture.

When the surface is dry, there are zero to few chances of having your furniture start smelling. So instead of getting in the actual trouble try and prevent it before it actually happens.

  1. Baking Soda Does Wonder

If the smell is low to moderate and is at its initial levels then grab some baking soda form your kitchen, empty it in a bowl and place it in the furniture. The larger the space, the greater amount of baking soda would be needed. Shut the drawers, cupboards and any other place where you have placed the bowl of soda and keep it untouched for a week or two. Trust me, this works like magic! Baking soda has this property of absorbing the odors.

If you are still in the initial stages of witnessing the bad smell from your furniture then trying the baking soda technique would be the best option possible.

  1. Vinegar!? Yes.

Vinegar is among the favorite cleaning smarty for the old wives and even today, in the households where all the chemicals are believed to be really harmful, vinegar is used as a cleaning agent. If your furniture has started smelling really worst and you think of throwing that piece out of your house, just give it a second try and let vinegar surprise you.

You just simply need to combine the water and vinegar at the rail of 1:1 and either spray it down through the spray bottle in the parts of the furniture that smells rotted or use a piece of cloth and apply the vinegar mixture all over, let it dry and surprise you with its superpower of vanishing the unwanted smell.


Every problem comes with a solution. Similarly, the problematic home environment is caused sometimes due to the uncertainty of the home furniture and the interiors. In order to prevent your home furniture from rusting and producing the nasty odor, before trying the harmful and expensive chemicals we recommend you try these super top 3 hacks to keep your furniture as new and as odorless as the day one. If you are planning to avail the Laura Ashley discount code and buy a brand-new furniture, then there’s this piece of advice to look after the small details from the day one and prevent the bad odor in future by using these amazing hacks like Baking soda, dryer sheets and vinegar as the furniture odor eliminating agents.

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