Cate’s Garden Ratchet Pruning Shears 8″ Easy Action Anvil-Type Pruners

Description of Product

Cate’s garden Ratchet pruning shears 8” easy action trimmer is suitable for cutting soft wood of the plants. It is Anvil-type pruners and thus used for the longitudinal trimming off the woody stems. The 8-inch length of the pruner blades is appropriate for giving a good and fine cut to the stems of poor woody plants and their branches in the garden.

Cate's Garden Ratchet Pruning Shears 8" Easy Action Anvil-Type Pruners

The blades are made up of hard steel and thus not get broken down easily. Teflon layer on the blades is a common feature like many other pruners in the market which reduce the interaction with the sap that comes out from the xylem tissue of the plants.


  • It is helpful in case of cutting and trimming the hedge plants which otherwise hard to cut and where bypass pruner fail to perform their activities in the trimming of the garden plants.
  • The fine cutting of the hedge with minimum opposite repelling force is very much convenient to give a trimming of your own choice to the hedges and vines of your lawn and garden.
  • As Teflon cover is there on the blades it is easy to manage the product with long time durability.
  • The large cut could be made by these anvil types of pruners which is not possible with bypass pruners.


  • One of the biggest flaws of the anvil pruners is that it could only be used for the woody and such stems which need to be cut down with long depth and diameter.
  • Although the plastic handle is comfortable to make a grip still person find his hand tired after sometime due to the hard handle.
  • Sometimes blades need to be replaced very quickly when a very hard stem is tried to cut by the anvil pruner.


Anvil pruners are good in the use of giving a new look to your lawn by trimming aside the unwanted bud and other material like weeds in the garden. Those who have added Cate’s garden ratchet pruner to their gardening purpose tools are turning up with the positive feedback regarding the product. High-efficiency blades are very much appreciated by the users who have gained the experience of buying them.


The entire discussion head towards the results that keeping the best quality garden pruner is must by those who need to trim their garden on every fortnight. It could easily be purchased online along with the best warranty for a large period of time. So you might not get this chance again to buy an anvil garden pruner for adorning your garden with beautifully cut hedge plants.

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