How To Maintain a Garden

Having a garden in front of the home is a need of every individual in present time as we are isolated from greenery by technical advancement. But it is very important to maintain such garden on regular basis to retain its essence and charm. There are so many important deeds that are required to keep a garden fresh and soulful. If you want to manage your garden in best way here are some crucial tips given by experts that you need to follow for the purpose. From the use of best electric hedge trimmer to watering your garden plants everything is mentioned over here.

Top 5 Tips To Maintain a Beautiful Lush Green Garden

  • Trim Garden Grass And Shrubs On Regular Intervals

If you will not bother about pruning of dry leaves of your garden shrubs and flowers then it is not going to make your garden look appealing. It is very essential part of gardening to trim the yellow leaves with high quality trimmers and pruning shears and shape them properly.


  • Remove Dry Yellow Leaves From The Garden Regularly

In case you garden grass is full of yellow and dry leaves layer then it is definitely going to hinder the growth of grass. Grass which does not get direct sunlight is dull and pale yellow in colour. Most of the area of a garden is occupied by the grass and if its colour is pale then your garden will also give a fade look. So clear all the litters of dry leaves that are spread over the grass regularly.

  • Do Spray Anti-Pest Liquid On Your Plants

There are so many types of pests and such organism which can destroy the leaves of your plants that are grown in the garden. For example we can talk about the caterpillar larvas which digest plant leaves easily. But if you spray these leaves with anti-pests chemicals then such problems can be checked easily.

  • Never Skip To Add Organic Compost To The Soil Of Garden

Apart from the use of best electric hedge trimmers for pruning and trimming of shrubs and grass adding soil nutrient is also crucial for garden maintainace. You should save yourself from adding chemical fertilizers and in lieu of that try to manage Vermi-compost in your garden. Keep on adding such nutrients of the soil too often for even growth of shrubs and garden grass.

  • Avoid Watering Pants In The Day Time

This is the most important part of managing the personal garden with utmost care. Most of the people end up watering their garden plants in the day time when temperature is very high.

Watering Garden

It will initiate the rate of transpiration to highest level and the level of water in xylem sap will reduce. When there is no or less water in the xylem sap the photosynthesis and other psychological activities of plant get disturbed.  So in a nutshell it is apt to water your plants and garden grass in wee hours or in the dusk time.

These are few gardening tips that will help you to maintain your small garden aptly without any trouble.


  • Trim garden in regular intervals
  • Remove dry or dead leaves
  • Don’t use anti-pest spray
  • Add organic compost – Ideal practise
  • Avoid watering in day time

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