How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades [2019 Guide]

Buying expensive electric hedge trimmer for your garden is not enough it is equally important to maintain them properly. For instance, you should focus on the blades of your hedge trimmer on regular intervals. It should not go in the way like if your trimmer starts showing disturbance in cutting the branches only then you will bother about sharpening its blades. So make sure that you take full care of the electric hedge trimmer to increase it life. If you want to minimize the cost of maintenance for your trimmer do sharpen its blades regularly. Here are few tips that are suggested by the experienced professionals to sharpen hedge trimmer blades.

1. Take Precautions From Injury To Your Hand And Eyes Before Starting

You have to be very much cautious about the injuries that can be made by the blade of hedge trimmer. That is why does not start the process without putting on gloves on both of your hand and glasses in your eyes.

Sharpening Hedge Trimmer

Make sure that you opt for a rigid place for sharpening the hedge blades like floor where no movement occurs while sharpening hedge trimmer blades.

2. Maintain The Proper Alignment Of Two Blades Placed On Each Other Aptly

Try to push the two blades of your electric hedge trimmer on each other in best alignment. They must be placed in such a way that dorsal blade covers the ventral one so that both the blades can be sharpened together in less time period. You can take the help of some solid rod or such substance to maintain the alignment of the two blades of the electric trimmer.

3. Choose A Medium To Shape The Blades Out Of Mill File And Power Grinder

You have two options that can be opted as the medium of sharpening hedge trimmer blades. At first place, a normal mill file can suit the purpose of sharpening the blades manually. On the other hand, there is another choice of power grinder as well which is going to reduce the time of sharpening to a major extent. Depending upon the resources you have select any equipment as both are equally effective and give the same results.

4. Start Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades In All Three Phases

There is no need to explain that electric hedge trimmer’s blades are comprised of three phases designed for the purpose of three dimensional cutting of the hedge. So you are supposed to sharpen each phase carefully. In case, you only bother sharpening two adjacent phases and ignore the upper one your trimming experience will not go in your favor.

Sharpen Hedge Trimmer

So while you are sharpening one phase of the blade, in actual two of them are getting sharpened as one blade is placed on the other. So in sharpening three phases in totality, you are being done with the six.

5. Keep On Sharpening From Upward To Downward And Then In Reverse Motion

The sharpening of the blades must be done for two to three types in back and fro direction till you find them in the best state. But keep one thing in mind while using power grinder for this purpose that it takes lesser time to complete the task as compared to the file. So do not over sharp the teeth of the blades as it can break the blades as well.

6. Smear Some Lubricant On The Bladed To Minimize The Friction Between Them

Once you are done with the sharpening of all teeth of the blades it is important to protect them from the corrosion. After sharpening the hedge trimmer blades they get more prone to the oxidation and corrosion starts destroying them. But if you will smear some lubricant substance on the surface layer of the blades such things can be controlled. More it also becomes possible to reduce the friction between the two blades while trimming with the help of lubricant on the blades.

How to sharpen hedge Trimmer

On successful completion of the process, you can keep the electric hedge trimmer in a place where it is away from the moisture. Do repeat the process on a regular period of time so that the life of the trimmer can be enhanced many folds. You can also find more tips from this source.

Quick Summary – [Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades]

  • Wear gloves and glasses before sharpening trimmer blades for protection.
  • Maintain the alignment of the two blades for easy sharpening of the blades in less time. 
  • Select the medium to sharpen hedge trimmer blades.
  • Sharp the three phases of blades carefully
  • Sharp the blades in back and fro and in reverse direction carefully as over sharpening the teeth may lead to breakage.
  • Smear lubricant to minimize friction and avoid corrosion

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