KSEIBI 143010 Long Reach Cut and Hold Bypass Pruner Max Cutting 1/2 inch (3.5 ft – 1.0 m)

Description of Product

There are so many types of plants that we have in our garden and we want to keep them trimmed and managed so that our garden look sorted.  But it is hard to trim those running creepers which ascend on the big trees and make it impossible to get trimmed.

KSEIBI 143010 Long Reach Cut and Hold Bypass Pruner Max Cutting 1/2 inch (3.5 ft - 1.0 m)

Such a problem of the garden lovers could be overridden with the help of KSEIBI 143010 long reach cut and hold bypass pruner. This is because its long body and sharp trimmers can reach up to a great distance. As a result of which people can easily trim the creepers and vines in their garden at regular intervals. It is able to cut medium size branches and creepers easily without any worry.


  • Those who are short in length and fail to trim their garden creepers and Vines can easily perform this task with the help of KSEIBI 143010 long cut bypass Pruner.
  • It is very light in the weight and that is why a balance could be maintained while holding it to trim the small branches of the trees and shrubs. While holding the Pruner with one hand you can use the other hand to maintain a balance of the long rod of the bypass pruner.
  • Sharp blades can even cut the very hard creepers easily with a fine cut so that it does not give a clumsy look to your garden.


  • Although it makes it easy to cut the farther branches and Vines still large tree branches are not trimmed with the help of this Pruner.
  • It does not include extra tools that are required with this long bypass pruner to finish the trimming like professional and people have to buy these tools separately like an adjustable rod of the long pruner for cutting short length hedge.


Based on the feedback of the users about long bypass pruner we can make a statement that it is best for the purpose of pruning large inaccessible branches and creepers. So buying KSEIBI 143010 could be a good decision for those who are fond of keeping their garden plants and shrubs trimmed. The product is just a value for money to those who want to increase their collection of gardening tools.


If you are in a mind to buy long bypass pruner to give a statement to your garden hedge and other shrubs this is the high time to make this deal happen. Here you can add a good tool to your garden accessories without making a big hole in your wallet. More its longtime durability is going to keep your garden always natural looking and freshly trimmed. It hardly takes 30 minutes in a week to keep the garden well-trimmed with the help of this pruner.


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